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Sponsored by John & Jay @ 'Tapas10' Mapleton exhibiting my artworks!

Member of RQAS,  Arts Connect Inc.

Participant in Open Studios 2024 Sunshine Coast Hinterland.


Alan Mead a professional artist is situated in beautiful Mapleton, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, inspired by the spectacular scenery and nature in his artworks.  Alan’s Studio is called ‘Alz Art Hive’ named appropriately and where he is busy creating his works.  


Currently Mastering oil paintings, he captures the light and depth in his work beautifully.

Alan’s use of light and shade portrays a sense of enchantment, transporting the viewer into the scene. He has an ability to observe and capture shadows and tones light generates recreating shades not always seen. 

Alans preferred genre is oils, enjoying the natural world.
The Landscapes chosen are from places that have held immense significance to him, reigniting the pleasure and wonder of these beautiful places and recreating a return path to past pleasures.

A professional and non conventional painter, Alan uses many techniques within his works, especially enjoying the use of oils.

Alan’s aspirations in the future, is to attempt more impressionism and abstracts, he believes this can only really be achieved by mastering realism first.

Mapleton inspired the creation of ‘Alz Art Hive’, an unusual hive construction from recycled materials built to paint, teach and exhibit his works. His main residence also displays many of his artworks. 




Oils being Alan's favourite medium, he is well accomplished with oil work and also with pencils, charcoals and pastels. His ability to capture images with realism, light and shades is his signature.


Alan captures and shows colours and shades that are not always seen.  Painting theses scenes reignites the pleasure and

wonders of beautiful locations.

Paint Tubes

Alan has completed numerous

commissions of still life, nature,

animals and people.  Each one brings fresh challenges

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Copyright: Alan Mead Artist -  2024

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